Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Muse / Middleman / AWS
Create a brand identity and website for ZomboDB for users to find on the web.

The Challenge

The author of the ZomboDB open source solution needed a website to connect with users.

Our Solution

We created a logo, branding guide, and website for users to view features and interactively find the right ZomboDB release for them.

Brand Identity

ZomboDB approached us with a need for a cohesive and recognizable identity for their entire online presence.

To achieve this, we reviewed what several competitors were doing in this space, along with appropriate colors, fonts, placement, and voice.

After 3 iterations we were able to settle on a logo that stood out, but also seemed at home in the list of database providers.

Branding Guide

Once we found the best combination of colors, fonts, logo, voice and identified our target audience and competitors, we were able to deliver a complete branding guide to ZomboDB.

The Branding Guide allows ZomboDB to easily engage any other future vendors, to ensure consistency across print, digital, and web.


Empowered with a clear direction and brand, we created designs for the first ever ZomboDB website.

With designs in hand, we built a custom static website using middleman. The site is hosting on AWS and is low cost, but allows ZomboDB to easily publish new downloads, allows users to filter releases, and provides metrics to ZomboDB.

We even created a custom middleman plugin to manage releases!

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