Why we believe in custom software development

At Lotus, we make custom software development easier and less daunting.

We are Different

We take a holistic approach to your business or product, offering personal, professional guidance and craftsmanship to build and foster a long term relationship.

If you work with us, we'll be looking out for you and offering services and advice to launch your product or business - things you may have never thought of. That's the beauty of working with a small team with laser focus - we'll be focused on you!

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Mobile Apps

Mobile apps require special consideration in terms of features, design, and development efforts.

We've helped businesses draft a plan to design, build and launch a mobile app ensuring they are first to market, have a clear value proposition, and use budget resources most wisely as an early stage business.

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Web Apps

Options are practically limitless when developing for web, are can frankly be overwhelming. Should you build a single page application, an internal tool, a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering, or something else entirely?

We can help translate your business goals and customer needs into a clear plan to create a web application that users will love.

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Web or Mobile - We've Got You

We can help determine the ideal tech for your project or work with an existing codebase.
Whether this is Ruby on Rails, Elixir, ReactJS, or an iOS mobile app - we've got you covered.

full service custom software development

The Entire Package

We can guide you through the entire software lifecycle, or just jump in where you need us if you're a seasoned pro. Either way, we'll have your back

full service custom software development


Not only do we build attractive and intuitive software, we design it too! Couple that with 3D modeling and print design and we can do almost anything to launch your business.

full service custom software development


Crafting quality, tested code is integral to building a successful software business. We focus on launching your product, but not at the expense of code quality.

full service custom software development

Your Team

We're happy to work with you and provide all the help you need, but if you have your own team or existing product, we can still help. We love jumpstarting or advising existing teams to get through a tough patch and get back on track.

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Our Products

It takes one to know one - we've walked the walk by building our own products that customers love.