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Windrock Park wanted to transition from offering paid paper maps of the park and facilities to using a digital interactive map as part of a native mobile application.

The Challenge

Windrock wanted to offer an offline capable, interactive, and updatable map resource through In-App Purchases to park guests; saving on print costs and offering customers what they want.

Our Solution

We crafted a mobile app using React Native, to offer a native app for both Android and iOS that delivered on the brand, experience, and offline requirements.

Discovery & Exploration

Windrock called us wanting to explore offering an app instead of paper maps at their ATV and outdoor park. Having never created an app before, the team wanted to make sure it was indeed possible, discuss their perceived challenges, get a ballpark estimate for costs and more; we were happy to have them to our office and discuss in detail.

After learning about functionality and requirements, we were able to recommend a native app solution that works on both Android and iOS phones, offering offline maps that are available as an in-app purchase.

The team at Windrock had zero experience building software, so we walked everyone through the entire process - from discovery, design, development and launch.

App Design

Ensuring that park guests were instantly familiar, on brand, and immersed in the park experience with our app design was our #1 goal.

We discussed branding, coordinated with a design update to their marketing website happening at the same time, and delivered an interactive demo of the app itself to walk the team through the experience before ever writing a single line of code.

App Development

With a focused user experience defined with detailed user stories and intuitive high resolution interactive designs, we delivered builds of the native Android and iOS applications, to Windrock as quickly as features were completed.

By delivering builds of the app to the team continuously, we were able to gather feedback often and quickly, ensuring that we incorporated the feedback and deliver the best possible product.

We're very proud to have delivered a high quality native Android and iOS app to Windrock, helping them offer the best park experience to guests.

Launch & Beyond

We aim to deliver a stellar experience for all our customers, and part of that means adequately preparing for a smooth marketing launch.

By setting timelines early, ensuring Windrock knew of all legal and organization accounts that needed to be created to distribute apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and monitoring the rollout as a whole, we were able to keep the entire launch on schedule.

After launch, we discussed advised monthly and annual maintenance options with Windrock to ensure that their app codebase remains healthy, stable, and that we're always here for support and new features!

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