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Ruby on Rails / Sidekiq / Push Notifications / API / Objective-C
Unify provides mobile applications and companion web management tools for both churches and sports organizations.

The Challenge

Unify wanted to develop apps for iOS and Android that tied into a custom online platform and accompanying API. Users can collaborate with live messaging, event schedules and more.

Our Solution

The platform allows organizations to register, customize, deploy and manage their branded mobile applications and content easily. We crafted a shared codebase that is configured and deployed to different instances to serve the different markets, a versioned and documented API, custom webhooks, and a NodeJS app.

Holistic Approach

We've been an integral part of the Unify product and have been proud to offer many services, including not only software architecture and design, but implementation, infrastructure management, web UI/UX design, mobile design, project management and continued support and maintenance.

Platform Features

The Unify platform is a complex system of services and web applications serving the mobile applications. We have native mobile codebases that are configured during a custom build process to produce a fully customized app on the appropriate app store. The web application includes an internal customer management and admin tool, a customer on-boarding wizard, and an entire management and configuration tool for customers to manage their organization and configure their application(s).


The Unify product is a bit unique in our portfolio in the sense that the customers have so much control over the look and feel of the final application, and can make changes at any time.

When designing features we had to keep in mind that many parts of the UI could change color, position, or style and had to account for many basic combinations and how to best represent the customer's brand and identity.

Simplified Onboarding

Acting as product management, our goal has always been to make it as easy as possible for users to onboard to the Unify platform and engage with users in-app, whether via private messaging, a robust events calendar and RSVP system, or any of the other features.

These designs show our latest proposal of making the initial on-boarding and registration process even simpler and more fitting with a customer's brand.

Proud of Our Work

After several years working with the talented Unify team, we're proud of what we've been able to accomplish.

We were able to take an idea and build out an entire software solution to automate and support operations, application configuration, and content management as well as build a compelling feature set that provides incredible value to our customer base.

We enjoyed providing product and project management services, design, development and support and would love to bring that comprehensive approach to your project or product!

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