Tasting Collective

Tasting Collective

Rails / ActiveAdmin / Sidekiq / Heroku
Tasting Collective provides a community connecting chefs and food enthusiasts for unique dining experiences.

The Challenge

Provide an audit and continued maintenance and development to the core Tasting Collective platform.

Our Solution

We audited the infrastructure, codebase, and performance to advise on improvements to platform.

Professional Audit

Upon beginning our work with Tasting Collective, we performed a complete audit of the software platform to advise of immediate and long term needs.

This included reviewing server and browser performance metrics, collected error messages from a reporting service, a review of the codebase, and hosting infrastructure itself.

Rails Development and Support

Tasting Collective is a stable 1 year old startup needing only minimal feature development, support and maintenance currently.

However, we're happy to provide those services and ensure that the user base has a great experience, things operate smoothly, and there is an eye for potential headaches before they arise.

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