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At Lotus, we saw a need in the market for a powerful yet intuitive tool allowing teams to analyze and easily update ruby codebases.

The Challenge

The ruby development community had a couple older tools that solved some of the problems with maintaining ruby codebases, but didn't go far enough.

Our Solution

We designed an API, ruby client, and web app that doesn't require access to your codebase, to analyze and track dependencies in your ruby project.

Easy Integration

Our priority was designing a simple installation process that didn't require you to use a particular version control provider (looking at you Github), nor required access to your codebase.

We achieved that by providing a ruby gem that uses Bundler to inspect your project dependencies and send that anonymously to our API for analysis.


Providing a list of outdated frameworks was a key feature, but we also wanted to wrap that into a single project grade or score, to let you easily track the health of your project over time.

With the addition of snapshots, you can take a look at the health of your project, including a full listing of dependencies, at any time with Prospector - providing valuable insights into your app footprint, security vunerabilities, and even ruby runtime version changes.

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