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Project Boss

Rails / ReactJS / ActiveAdmin / Sidekiq / Heroku
Project Boss is a powerful project management, HR and invoicing solution built by Lotus.

The Challenge

Project Boss creator approached us initially to discuss creating a proof of concept to validate the market and help refine the business strategy early on. Project Boss wanted to build a custom Software as a Service (SaaS) solution tailored for architecture and construction project management tasks.

Our Solution

We worked early on to validate the product idea and launch a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as quickly as possible to Project Boss customers. After launch, Lotus has continued to provide design, product and project management, development and support services to continue building features on the Project Boss platform for customers to enjoy.

Powerful Software

Lotus designed and developed the Project Boss web application that customers use to manage construction projects from planning, production and review.

The web application was designed to allow for complex features, such as Gannt charts, time tracking, document libraries, resource planning and even invoicing, all while being easy to use.

Robust Reporting

As with any business application, insights and analytics are important to making decisions and construction management is no different.

Administrators have access to several powerful reports, including company and project roadmaps, timesheet reports, invoicing reports and more.

Responsive and Friendly

Keeping the team informed while on the go is a difficult task without a mobile app, and we focused on providing a great responsive web experience for users of Project Boss.

Providing a streamlined interface while on smaller screens, Project Boss allows you the full power of the web application but stays out of your way while on the go.

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