Mogul Wireless Platform

Mogul Wireless

Ruby on Rails / ActiveAdmin / Resque / AWS
Mogul Wireless provides temperature monitoring, alerting and reporting to medical locations.

The Challenge

Mogul Wireless approached us with a legacy Rails application requiring maintenance and new feature development after a period of inactivity.

Our Solution

We reviewed outstanding issues and crafted a long term development retainer to address new feature requests and support needs to ensure the continued success of the platform. Uptime and reporting accuracy continue to be the most important goals in the Mogul platform.

Steady Progress

While we didn't develop the original application for Mogul, we monitor servers, tune the application, perform framework updates and always look for ways to improve the customer's experience.

Automation is Power

Mogul provides a software product to automate tedius monitoring and record keeping traditionally done manually in the healthcare industry.

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