Ruby / Rails / Sidekiq
A mobile app helping kids in grades 1-5 sharpen their math skills over the summer break.

The Challenge

Carol, the owner of Math Star, worked with us from the beginning utilizing our discovery process to define, explore, and refine what features needed to be in the platform at launch. With a defined plan, we executed swiftly to get to market before the end of the school year, building and launching her product.

Our Solution

We created a mobile app API and back office management tool allowing Math Star to offer curriculum content, capture registration referrals, offer reminder and engagement notifications, report progress to parents via email, and track the usage of users both student and parents on the platform.


Carol had never created a mobile app before and had little to no knowledge of the industry, trends, App Store requirements, and technical limitations.

We collaborated with Carol over a series of roughly 6 phone sessions to explore her competition, define success factors, explore pricing strategies, advise on best practices for privacy and user experience, and create a list of user stories for the team to use in the design and development phases.

Our goal was to ensure we had put as much effort into framing the design and development process, so the team could be focused and execute with clarity and success.

Project Management

In addition to our custom software solution services, we provide project management when our clients need help planning, tracking and iterating on a project.

For this project, we planned and tracked project progress for everyone involved in the project, across multiple organizations, using Slack, Github, and TeamWork.

Cloud Development

We created a custom mobile API as a Ruby on Rails web application, offering functionality for the mobile app to perform registration, content, analytics, push notifications, engagement reminders, in-app purchases, and more. We provided the mobile development team with formal API documentation in Blueprint format on Apiary.

Additionally, we create a small back office tool allowing Carol to track registrations, administer her referral program, and provide basic insight into platform statistics as a whole.

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