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As we evolve and grow as a company we want to show a better view of ourselves and what we do.

The Challenge

We had a successful launch 2 years ago. We were new and created our brand in a very literal sense. We have learned so much in these past 2 years we wanted to reevaluate our branding and marketing so we could grow. We knew our client and had a process. We needed to refine Lotus so we could reach a broader audience.

Our Solution

We researched many different avenues, deciding to reevaluate our logo and begin inbound marketing practices. We created a branding guide that laid out what was our target market, personas and what our competitors were doing.


We really focused in our brand to show our customers what we do at first glance. Our past branding there isn’t much indication of what we do. We had images that had meaning but didn’t link back to what we do as a company.

Moving forward we figured out what we wanted to focus on and what we could show that would clearly show that. We created branding guide that broke down fonts, color, company asset changes and so on.

Logo Design

We wanted to really something that was more technical. Our flower logo was very friendly and relaxing but didn’t get across our technical side. We wanted to have something that related to our company name but also what we did. For this we explored some avenues and started to abstract those ideas. During this process incubation is happening and we came across the idea for the command symbol. It looks like a flower in a way, and relates back to programming. The square behind it started out as the < > symbols that are commonly found in computer code, but changed into the App icon shape that follows our mobile app design and development services. Overall this represented what we do and was a friendly choice that still related back to our name.


We knew what we had wasn’t bad but as we learned more about inbound marketing and how we should utilize pages better we need to change how things were laid out and how we displayed our brand online. We wanted to take away some of the clutter and create a better presentation, showing how transparent and truthful we are with our clients.

We also spent time identifying illustrations we felt like showed a little bit of our Lotus culture.

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