Eyrus Construction Analytics


RFID / Raspberry Pi / Ruby / Rails / Sidekiq
Eyrus tracks and analyzes the movement of equipment and personnel at construction sites using RFID technology.

The Challenge

The hardware vendor sourced and created a custom hardware component that included the battery power, charging, and RFID antennas but software was required to make all of that work.

Our Solution

Lotus designed resilient device software to communicate and monitor all hardware components in the enclosure as well as the API and web application to monitor and administer the devices.

Device Software

Lotus developed a robust Ruby application codebase that is provisioned onto each device. This software is responsible for managing and interacting with several hardware components, reporting health metrics, managing power state, and more.

A key challenge was writing software that would run when the device was powered on, deal with internet connectivity issues, and above all be resilient to sudden power losses. In addition, ensuring the application code handled uncaught errors appropriately allowed us to guard against a crashed device that requires manual intervention.

Metrics and Remote Management

It was immediately apparent that providing detailed device metrics and status indicators, along with remote management features, would be key to providing a robust infrastructure.

Lotus uses key metrics captured from the hardware to diagnose issues affecting device connectivity and can even remotely update the device software or restart the hardware from anywhere.

Tracking Movement

Using RFID antennas and signal analysis, equipment and personnel can be tracked moving throughout a job site.

RFID signal data is captured from the antenna and relayed to the web application for storage, processing and analysis.

Finished Product

Using our web application, Eyrus can easily manage their device inventory including provisioning, monitoring, and deployments. Units are strategically placed throughout construction sites so the RFID data can be collected and analyzed.

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