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An App for the visually impaired.

The Challenge

Our Brand and Marketing Manager, Christopher, tasked himself with creating a product to help the visually impaired while studying Industrial Design. As part of a market analysis and research into existing products (physical and virtual) to aid the impaired, Chris determined he wanted to bring broader education of Braille to market.

Our Solution

We soon determined that the most cost effective way to bring a product to market was via a mobile app. This included discovery, design and development of the mobile app itself, but also the creation of a marketing website to promote and support the mobile app.

The Design

The app is created for people that have poor or no vision, utilizing large fonts and contrasting colors. Creating a high contrast and highly visible interface with large touch surfaces was important in providing a tool useful to anyone having the slightest trouble viewing the screen.

The Science

Braille itself is a pattern of bumps denoting the alphabet and common word or symbols. To learn the basics, BraillED teaches users the alphabet by introducing a random letter and allowing the user to trace the pattern on the screen. This can be accomplished by tapping each bump on screen, or moving your finger over the dots in a dragging motion.

The Experience

BraillED uses both haptic and audio feedback, via vibrations and the speakers of the phone, to guide a visually impaired user. This is accomplished using built-in speech synthesis libraries in Appleā€™s iOS and access to the device hardware to create vibrations.

Marketing Website

An important part of any digital marketing strategy for a mobile application, is the related marketing website. We designed and created a simple one page marketing website to promote the features, provide support, and allow users to find our application easily on the web.

App Store

BraillED is a product Lotus has available on the App Store allowing user to learn the basics of braille in a fun way. Learn more here.

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