Binbox Lockers

Binbox Lockers

Middleman / AWS
Create a responsive, modern and clean marketing site to promote Binbox Lockers.

The Challenge

Binbox is a new startup on a limited budget looking to create a standout marketing website to educate on the mobile app and locations to offer rentals.

Our Solution

We worked with the mobile app team to offer an integrated branding across the Binbox platform, while offering design and content creation to launch the website.

Identifying our Audience

Even though the Binbox website is simple, we spent a great deal of time identifying the target audience and ensuring that our messaging spoke to leads and recurring customers alike.

Ensuring that organizations interested in offering temporary or permanent locker rentals found relevant information, as well as individuals looking to understand how hourly rentals work, was key to speaking to our users directly.

Website & Content

After we identified our messaging and audience, we spent several iterations ensuring that our photography and image placement was as visually striking and informative as possible to engage users immediately.

We built a static website generated using middleman and hosted on Amazon S3 with CloudFront, for an affordable, attractive, and informative marketing site.

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