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  • Working with Lotus has been one of the few instances where I deeply respected the quality of work and craftsmanship a vendor has brought to the table. Almost no one gives a ____ anymore, but they do.

    — Jason Fox, Principal of Never Stop Building LLC
  • I brought the Lotus Apps crew in to manage a legacy codebase. They've done stellar work as we've worked together to address pressing issues and develop a long term roadmap for improving/extending the code. They've been a perfect fit with our existing team.

    — Michael Wender, Principal of
  • Lotus has been amazing to work with! They are very attentive and fast

    — Tiffany Dawson, Product Manager of Unify Apps
  • I can't say enough good things about Lotus Apps. Extremely high quality of work and outstanding communication.

    — April Taylor, Principal of April Taylor, CPA
  • You have been amazing through this! I am positive that we will be working with you again [...] I don't know how we got so lucky to have Lotus Apps come into our project, but I now know how it feels to work with true professionals.

    — Dali Kovacevic, COO of
  • Matt is a fantastic software developer and terrific leader. Not only can he write code with the best of them, he also has the skills to manage a product development team. Lotus Apps brings passion, excitement and confidence...and in all cases has exceeded my expectations.

    — Greg Bell, Director of Software Development at QHR Technologies
  • Matt is an incredible developer and a forward thinker. He's not only good at the details of the project, but he understands the project as a whole, and how it can fit into the bigger picture of the client and their business roadmap and needs.

    — Court Simas, Co-Founder and Technology Director at Oven Bits

  • You don't have the best team if Matt and Lotus Apps are not on it!

    — Marcel Morgan, Lead Engineer at Verdacom

  • Matt is a great communicator, he can summarise a complex problem in a few crystal clear sentences, orally and in Pull Requests. This is important in a remote context, where miscommunication can arise more frequently than in a face to face office.

    — Jean-Michel Garnier, Remote Rails Developer / Agile Coach / RSpec Trainer

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