Introducing Prospector

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Introducing Prospector

We're so excited to unwrap and share the result of many months of hard work with the world, in our first app from Lotus. Simply put, Prospector monitors your Ruby codebase to provide important insights into the health of your application by keeping track of both major and minor updates available for your project.

How It Works

Prospector can be installed in any Ruby based project that utilizes the magnificent bundler. We gather usage details from your project's Gemfile and then continuosly check for updates from to find available updates. Prospector summarizes major and minor updates available to your codebase into an overall health score, keeps track of your teams progress over time, and provides all the details you need to stay on top of updates in your Ruby codebase.


Since the only requirement is a Ruby project, Prospector can be integrated into almost any codebase. Installing in a Rails project is simplest, as we automatically detect if ActiveJob is configured, or Sidekiq to queue jobs to report to our API in the background. In a non Rails project, you can call the method to report on your project directly however you see fit, and we plan to add more background queue adapters, as well as Rake tasks to make integrating with any Ruby project even easier.

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Prospector is an effort of love, as we saw the need for a conclusive overview of our codebases and decided to build it ourselves. Prospector will only get better over time, and we can't wait to have more Ruby developers join the Prospector family.

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