Introducing ProMotion-Menu

I'd like to formally announce that one of my gems for RubyMotion has seen a major feature upgrade, a name change, and has a new owner on Github!

ProMotion-menu, formally pro_motion_slide_menu, has been transferred to the amazing guys at Clearsightstudio. It was a natural fit, since Jamon and the team are the guys behind the popular ProMotion gem itself, and consolidating all the supporting feature gems under one organization just makes sense.

Official 1.0 Release

ProMotion-menu will be seeing an official 1.0 release soon, with a first beta available now to those interested. The list of changes is significant:

  • Ditched PKRevealController for MMDrawerController
  • Much improved gesture support
  • Simpler usage and method names
  • Better test coverage
  • From here out, better maintained with more frequent releases

Previous Gem Users

What does this mean for users of pro_motion_slide_menu? The big change is that there will be no more releases for this gem, ever. Any bug fixes and feature requests will be developed under the new gem.

You are encouraged to upgrade to ProMotion-menu when we have a final 1.0 release soon. We will be posting a migration guide on the repo to help make for an easy transition.

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