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We love building the web or mobile app that your team is thinking of. Our designer creates thoughtful and pleasant designs for web and mobile, and our engineers work to bring those designs to life.

Web Apps

We strongly believe in web technologies such as Ruby on Rails and ReactJS. We focus on building software, not websites - think software essential to your business in the cloud.

We'd love to work together to bring new life to your project or craft a software solution that fits your needs.

The Entire Package

We work well with small businesses that allow us to provide essential services to manage the entire development and discovery process. Not yet ready for an in-house development team or CTO? We can handle it for you and we've got the list of happy clients to back that up.

Premiere ActiveAdmin

We are one of the world's premiere ActiveAdmin development shops, simply from experience. We have created massive enterprise applications for clients ranging from an international pharmaceutical manufacturers, to a large racing association.

Mobile Apps

While most of our prowess is focused on building enterprise cloud web applications, we have experience in traditional iOS app development as well as RubyMotion. Hint, if you're interested, check our street creds with mulitple rubymotion gems here, here, and here.

We realize that an attractive and intuitive experience is key to gaining and keeping customers.

You won't find ninjas or gurus at Lotus, but we are a seasoned group of engineers and designers working in the United States that would love to bring our experience to your product.

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