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Our Goal

Our goal at Lotus is simple. We want to work with amazing clients, on exciting and challenging projects, and create products that our customers love. That is what makes us happy.

Beauty in Simplicity

At Lotus we focus on simplicity. Simple can mean many things to many different people - to some it is cheap, others may feel it lacks complexity, and yet others find it delightful and refreshing. We always strive for delightful and refreshing.

Elegance in Design

Design is so much more than the look or style of a product. In fact, we argue that it is the *essence* of your product and vision itself, how a user can quickly and easily use your product and find it delightful to use. The design should reflect your brand, passion and value to your customers at every turn.

We find ourselves best poised to offer a complete, experienced development team for your product when you don't need a staff around full time, all the time.

We enjoy providing guidance on product designs, implications to existing services, design and branding, and becoming part of your team to create a stellar product. We want to be around for the long haul - we're going to write beautiful code, deliver a great product, and strive to help grow your product month after month, year after year.

Clients say

  • You have been amazing through this! I am positive that we will be working with you again [...] I don't know how we got so lucky to have Lotus Apps come into our project, but I now know how it feels to work with true professionals.

    Dali Kovacevic, COO of DKPittsburghSports.com
  • Matt is a fantastic software developer and terrific leader. Not only can he write code with the best of them, he also has the skills to manage a product development team. Lotus Apps brings passion, excitement and confidence...and in all cases has exceeded my expectations.

    Greg Bell, Director of Software Development at QHR Technologies
  • Matt is an incredible developer and a forward thinker. He's not only good at the details of the project, but he understands the project as a whole, and how it can fit into the bigger picture of the client and their business roadmap and needs.

    Court Simas, Co-Founder and Technology Director at Oven Bits

  • You don't have the best team if Matt and Lotus Apps are not on it!

    Marcel Morgan, Lead Engineer at Verdacom

  • Matt is a great communicator, he can summarise a complex problem in a few crystal clear sentences, orally and in Pull Requests. This is important in a remote context, where miscommunication can arise more frequently than in a face to face office.

    Jean-Michel Garnier, Remote Rails Developer / Agile Coach / RSpec Trainer

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